Sun and coffee

Although it’s no reason to start drinking large amounts of coffee, researchers have found that caffeine might be able to reduce chances of developing skin cancer. They found caffeine causing the cells damaged by ulta violet rays to self destruct. Leaving undamaged cells to live happily ever after. Drinking more coffee, or another drinks with caffeine, will not protect you skin more than it already does. This is to be expected because oral medication is quite rare in case of skin imperfection simply because most substances will not get to the skin and therefore will not work. Perhaps it would be a nice idea to add caffeine to sunscreen. The scientist working on this have suggested the same idea. But, as always, more research is necessary before this could be applied. So, at the moment we need to take care not to get skin cancer the obvious way by taking care not to be in sun for to long and use sunscreen.

And since I don’t like sunbathing perhaps another alkaloid would be more appropriated so I could stay there in the sun without doing anything (just writing about lying in de sun makes me uneasy)

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